Don Thur


With a deeply ingrained, rich patina of natural history, Don Thur’s bowls are exquisite works of functional art. Traditional handcrafted lathe-turned wood bowls and shapes naturally enhanced, possessing the characteristic beauty of Muskoka’s trees. One-of-a-kind pieces amalgamate the natural uniqueness of individual burls, from a variety of native flora and exhibit the handcrafting expertise of the professional woodturner. Don Thur is the fourth generation of his family to be involved in a forestry-related enterprise in the woodlands of the Algonquin Region. Along with his wife Mary, he opened his ‘Knots and Burls to Bowls’ studio at their home-property at Utterson in 2000. This woodland setting provides this artisan with ample inspiration to fashion these unique works of art from curious and aged tree-burls.

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