“The goal of life is living in agreement with nature”


Brenda W Goulet


Rob Stimpson


Eric Lindgren

Jeff Miller


Janet Stahle-Fraser


Jenny Kirkpatrick


Don Thur

This region is our muse as individuals, and so our collaboration has been a natural progression.
We have joined together to present a collective vision of Muskoka.
Our works, in several media, complement one another, each piece finding its source in our common Muskokan soil.

    Is your art at risk with mold?

    MOLD is a 4 letter word for art collectors all over the world. Whether you own paintings, sculptures or any other kind of artwork... you are at risk of your art becoming damaged by mold.

    We asked an expert that does  mold testing in Newburgh Ny about where mold comes from. Bill Powers, of Powers Environmental LLC gave us some interesting insights into where mold comes from.

    Bill shares with us, "Mold is a living organism that needs 2 things to flourish and thrive. First it needs a water source. Second it needs the right temperature to grow."

    Bill continues, "Mold fungus spores are floating in the air everywhere. However when you get warm temperature plus a water source you are creating a breeding paradise for black mold and mildew."

    The lesson for art collectors?

    You must keep your home or office maintained. Missing roof shingles and clogged gutters can easily cause an environment for mold to grow.

    Damp basements are another mold paradise.

    What can you do to protect your artwork?

    Bill tells us to Install a dehumidifier. It will dry out the air and remove the moisture that mildew feeds on before it effects your artwork or health.

    Thankfully, art repairs can be made. However, they may affect the value of your artwork.

    What if you think you have a moldy smell in your home or office or notice mildew on your art?

    Bill encourages us, "Call a third party certified mold assessor. This way you will never have to worry about a conflict of interests by him selling you a $10,000 mold remediation cleanup."


    8 questions to ask your art insurance agent


    GUESS what happens when your homeowners  policy doesn't cover your art loss or theft?


    That is right...

    YOU lose.

    Even though you faithfully paid your premiums for your home insurance .

    If you are thinking of investing in a Muskoka Seven piece of art then be sure to call your art agent now.

    Here are 8 questions to ask when insuring your paintings, sculptures and bronzes

    1. How much coverage is included in my standard policy for artworks and antiques? Isn't it better to find out now then LATER?
    2. What does my current homeowners premiums cover? Will it cover natural disasters, fire, flood, earthquakes, accidents, or theft?
    3. Are there any exclusions in my policy that I need to know about?
    4. Do I need to add an insurance RIDER to protect my art work?
    5. Does my current insurance company  offer riders to cover art?
    6. Do i need to meet an additional deductible for this rider?
    7. Is my policy worth two times the appraised value of my paintings, sculptures and bronzes?
    8. Do you have a few any local art appraisers contact info that have good references?

    If you already own art then you owe  it to yourself to contact your home insurance agent now and ask these questions today.



"The goal of life is living in agreement with nature" – Zeno, Greek philosopher (335-263 B.C.)